2014-2015 Academic Year Sports Competition

The sports competition ceremony of this academic term was held from 2nd to 16thof February, 2015. There were five types of sports such as badminton, chess, football, table tennis and Htoke-See-Toe. The lists of prizes are shown in the following table:

2014-2015 Prize List
No Name Prize Sport Type
1 Third Year Section C First Football (Male Futsal)
2 First Year First Football(Female Futsal)
3 Mg Yar Zar Tun
Mg Annt Phyo Thwin
First Dual Badminton(Male)
4 Ma Phoo Thit Wai
Ma Ei Ei Pyae Phyo
First Dual Badminton(female)
5 Mg Soe Htet Naing (2CST-53) First Chess
6 Mg Kaung Htet Oo (3CS-97) Second Chess
7 Mg Htin Shar Kyaw (3CST-104) First Table Tennis
8 Mg Htein Lin Aung (3CST-) Second Table Tennis
9 Third Year (Section A) First Htoke-See-Toe
10 Second Year (Section A) Second Htoke-See-Toe

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