Academic Calendar

    The standard academic calendar consists of two semesters. The first semester of the academic year normally starts from December and ends in April. The second semester starts from May and finishes in September. The table below presents the basic chronological structure of the two main semesters in any academic year.

Chronological order Duration Remarks
Semester 1 Semester 2

Lecture Period

15 weeks

15 weeks

The lecture starts from Monday to Friday.

Private Study

1 week

1 week

One-week private study period is available for all students.


2 weeks

2 weeks

Students have to take their exam after the private study period.

Total Duration 18 weeks 18 weeks  


4-5 weeks

8-9 weeks

The duration of the first semester is from December to April and the second semester is from May to September.

University's Activity For (2016-2017)Academic Year

No. Date Event
1 26.12.2016 Fresher Welcome and Prize Giving Ceremony
2 3.1.2017 The Essay Competition of the Independence Day
3 7.2.2017 The Essay Competition of the Union Day
4 13.2.2017-24.2.2017 Sports Competition
5 Every Monday of Frist and Last Week in Jan,Feb,March Recitations of Dhamma Satkyar
6 1.3.2017 English Debate/ Contest
No. Date Event
1 15.6.2017 Monsoon Tree Planting Ceremony
2 7.7.2016 Waso Robes Offering Ceromony
3 17.7.2017 The Essay Competition of the Martyrs' Day
4 11.8.2017 Open Campus
5 25.8.2017 Paying Homage and Prize Giving Ceremony
6 2.10.2017 The Competition of World's Teachers Day
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  • 2017-2018 Academic Year Exam Result will be announced on 23rd November 2018.
  • 2018-2019 Academic Year will be opened on 3rd December 2018.