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Monsoon Trees Planting Ceremony

In the planting season, Monsoon Trees Planting Ceremony is held in July every year. The ceremony was attended and participated by teachers and students from the University of Information Technology. In this ceremony, many seedlings in different species were planted .

The objectives of this planting ceremony are as follows:

  • To protect riverbanks and lands from being eroded and landslide;
  • To raise the awareness of the community on the value of trees;
  • To raise the awareness of the younger generations on the value of trees;
  • To protect the community from suffering natural disasters;
  • To keep up the weather condition fine and better;
  • To make available of construction materials such as timbers, posts and poles;
  • To make available of firewood and charcoal.

The following link will describe the form of ceremony according with academic year by:

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