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APT accepted the project proposal of UIT in HRD Programme for Exchange of ICT Researchers and Engineers 2013 as J2 Project, namely, the Project for Deploying Private Cloud System for Virtualized Laboratories for ICT Higher Education. In addition, it is going to be set up a Private Cloud System to provide virtual laboratories at UIT from June, 2014 to April, 2015.


Literacy Talk

The University of Infromation Technology held Literacy talk for first time on 10th July 2015. Dr Khin Maung Nyo, Sayar Phay Myint and Sayarma Juu delivered speeches on that day. more info

IT Business Plan Contest and Mobile App Competiton

IT Business Plan Contest and Mobile App Competition was held on 19th Febuary 2015 and 20th Febuary 2015. Ten teams were taken part in IT Business Plan contest and two groups were taken part in Mobile App competiton contest. Among them, the three selective teams are chosen to award the prize.

Practice ACM-ICPC Programming Contest (UIT, Myanmar)

2015-2016 academic year, University of Infromation Technology were held practice ACM-ICPC Programming Contest on 22nd May 2016 at machine room (511 and 512) from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
B Vaccination

Prophylahis Hepatitic B Vaccination

2015-2016 academic year, Myanmar Liver Foundation's assistance and University of Information Technology (UIT) were held "Prophylahis Hepatitic B Vaccination" for first time on 28th May 2016 (Saturday).

JOINT Training

As one of the collaboration activities,software development course provided by University of Ryukyus was opened from 19th January 2015 to 27th Febuary 2015 in the University of Information Technology .

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  • 2018-2019 Academic Year, Eassy Competition on the Commemoration of the Union Day will be celebrated on 6th February 2019.
  • 2018-2019 Academic Year, Myanmar Traditional Htamane Festival will be celebrated on 15th February 2019.
  • 2018-2019 Academic Year, Myanmar Skill Competition will be celebrated in February 2019.