Establishing the Software Engineering Laboratory by OAS Corporation, Japan

       One of the main objectives of UIT is to produce international standard computer professionals and specialists by collaborating with foreign Universities in research and exchange advanced IT technology. Therefore, the UIT has already celebrated the ceremony of Software Engineering Lab by OAS Corporation, Japan, with the aim of the establishment of software development laboratory. 5th May , 2014, the donation of Software Engineering Lab Ceremony was celebrated at 9:00 AM. In this ceremony, firstly Dr. Aung Kyaw Myat, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Sicence and Technology delivered the openning speech. Then, Mr. Tomita, President, OAS Corporation, delivered a speech for the donation of Software Engineering Lab. After that, U Thein Oo, Chairman of COE Steering Committee explained the important roles of cooperation with industry and universities to promote IT education in Myanmar. Then, the key of Software Engineering Lab was handed over to UIT by Mr. Tomita, OAS Corporation.

Fujitsu Fujitsu Fujitsu
Fujitsu Fujitsu Fujitsu
Fujitsu Fujitsu Fujitsu

In the ceremony,words of thanks were delivered by Dr. Saw Sanda Aye, Rector,UIT and the photo taking section was followed. Finally, the ceremony was successfully finished at 11:30 AM and members from ceremony inspected the Software Engineering Laboratory. In the first step, Japanese Language was taught for 6 months by Mr.Sho Tomita and Ms.Hirai Asumi from OAS Lab.

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