Academic Syllabus

    The standard academic calendar consists of two semesters. The first semester of the academic year normally starts from December and ends in April. The second semester starts from May and finishes in September. The table below presents the subject syllabus structure of the two main semesters in any academic year.

Syllabus of Second Year for First Semester

Subject Code Subject Description
English English
201 Operating Systems
202 Discrete Structure II + Calculus II
203 Digital System Design II
204 Java Programming
205 Software Modeling and Analysis
206 Introduction to Business and Fundamental of Information Systems

Syllabus of Second Year for Second Semester

Subject Code Subject Description
English English
201 Data Structure and Algorithms
202 Mathematics of Computing II
203 Networking Fundamentals
204 Web Programming II
205 Human Computer Interaction and Information Security
206 Database Fundamental
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  • The 2nd Workshop On Advanced Information Technologies collaborated with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(JAIST) will be held on 16th December to 19th December, 2016 at UIT.
  • The 1st Technical Talk and Hand-on Workshop of Nurturing The Talent of Tomorrow-NYE(CSE) will be held on 29th December, 2016.